Advanced RPAS Ground School (Online, Self-Paced)

Advanced RPAS Ground School (Online, Self-Paced)

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A thorough, industry-leading self-paced ground school learning program to the TP15263 standard. Start from the absolute basics and learn the subject matter required by Transport Canada for professional advanced drone operations. The course includes online content (approx. 35 hrs of self-study and over 10 hrs of video), continuous knowledge assessments, advanced RPAS multi choice exam practice, and regular weekly live webinars with experienced instructors to answer your questions and help support your journey to becoming a certified drone pilot.

Our extensive, multi-choice question bank (650+ questions) is based upon the Transport Canada subject matter knowledge requirements. We provide a fully randomized practice exam that can be taken as many times as you wish to prepare for your TC exam.

Important Note: If you need to buy multiple courses at once, please contact us at or through our contact forms. Thank you!

    This course includes:

    • All the learning material required to successfully complete the Transport Canada exam
    • Access to our pilot resources
    • Access to pre-recorded webinars
    • Practice exam with over 650 randomized questions to give you a chance to thoroughly practice before taking the Transport Canada exam

    Course Content

    Module 1: Airframes, Engines, and Systems

    Learn about the most common types of RPAS, propulsion systems, and electrical components.

    Module 2: Aviation Law, Air Traffic Rules, and Procedures

    Review the most important regulations that you should know before flying.

    Module 3: Flight Operations

    Operating an RPAS safely starts with key knowledge on how to handle a wide range of situations. This module will give you all the tools to make sound decisions once out in the field.

    Module 4: Meteorology

    Weather is a critical parameter to consider before, during, and after your flight. Knowing how to read the skies and use the available tools will make your operations safer.

    Module 5: Navigation

    Maps, GPS, Compass, are all tools that can help you conduct safe operations.

    Module 6: Theory of Flight

    A big component of flying is understanding the forces at play and how they impact each part of your RPAS.

    Module 7: Human Factors

    Safety starts with a sound mind and a sound body, and human factors should be considered at all times.

    Module 8: Radiotelephony

    Communication with your team and other aircraft in the airspace is critical for safety, this module will teach you the basics of radiotelephony.

    We offer a full unconditional refund of any course fee, providing it is requested more than 7 days from the commencement of the course. After this time a credit will be issued for use with any course, subject to availability.

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